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From snacks to drinks to baked goods, consumers want to see more natural, healthy options on grocery store shelves. Our variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, along with robust packaging capabilities, make it easy for retailers to offer goodness that their customers can fit into their healthy lifestyles.


Browse our wide variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that are available in any format you need. From snacks to drinks to baked goods, consumer tastes are changing quickly with a booming demand for more natural, healthy options. If you can’t find the exact product, cut or format you need, we can make it for you.

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When fruits and vegetables are freeze-dried, the look, color, taste and nutrition remain largely unchanged. And however they’re used, the benefits truly add up.


  • Shelf-stable shipping and storage
  • Long shelf life with low risk of spoilage
  • Primarily produced in a solar-powered facility


  • Real fruit and vegetables
  • Purely all-natural — clean label with no added colors, sugar, flavor, sulfur or preservatives
  • Retain vibrant colors and true flavors


  • Top cereal or salads
  • Add to yogurt
  • Enhance your smoothies
  • Dress up your baked goods
  • Infuse water and other beverages